Pixel x The Brain Tumour Charity


Of Boy and Beast

50 x 70 cm 3-colour screen print

“It was a very emotional decision for me to join this project. Although I’m always excited about creative collaboration, the fact that I lost my father at a very young age to a brain tumour made this into something so much more. Out of the tragedy of his past, I'm hoping I can have some small positive effect on someone else's future.

“Behind ‘Of Boy and Beast’ is the idea that we spend much of our lives in the shadow of our own mortality. The beast – in this case, the death of my father in his early 30s – sort of follows you through life; his brain tumour casting a shadow on my own life.

"But through medical breakthroughs and the tireless work of charities, you're able to turn around and find peace in the face of that beast. This artwork represents my journey to 'face the beast', perhaps for the first time ever with a sense of understanding rather than fear.”


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Printed on FSC certified paper produced from 100% virgin ECF fibre.

The ink used is mixed by hand, and although the aim is for a specific colour they can sometimes vary by small amounts.

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